Cape Cod and Key West Style Landscape Beautification Project

This marks the successful completion of the second Landscape Beautification Project by Master Gardener Landscaping for our valued client, Michael Miles.

In the front yard, a charming Cape Cod style sets the tone, while the backyard boasts a refreshing Key West style. The latter was meticulously designed to ensure privacy by strategically screening sightlines from neighboring two-story houses.

To achieve this, Coconut palms take center stage, providing instant coverage at heights exceeding 14 feet. The inclusion of double Coconut Palms, though more challenging to procure, offers twice the width of coverage. Placing two Double Coconut Palms not only achieves the desired coverage but, when spaced and turned correctly, creates a captivating focal point that commands attention at the center of the backyard.

Enhancing the aesthetics further, the beds are bordered with Salt and Pepper Granite deco stones, adding a striking accent to the contours of the planting beds. The incorporation of brown mulch serves a dual purpose—providing contrast to the shell and granite elements while softening the overall appearance of the beds.

In addition to their visual appeal, the lush palms act as a tranquil green backdrop for the carefully arranged plants, contributing to a harmonious and relaxing outdoor space. The Landscape Beautification Project has not only elevated the aesthetics of Michael Miles' property but also enhanced its functionality and privacy. Master Gardener Landscaping takes pride in delivering tailored and visually stunning solutions for our long-time customer's outdoor spaces.

Who Is The Master Gardener?

Master Gardener Landscaping, Inc. was founded by St. Petersburg native, Eric Morrison. With over 35 years’ experience in the landscape industry, Eric is dedicated to caring for Florida landscapes the right way.  Read More

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Long-Term Results

From choosing the right plant for the environment to caring for them once they are in place, Master Gardener Landscaping’s approach to landscaping is ‘long-term results’ oriented.