Outdoor Storm Relief Bulletin from Master Gardener Landscaping

Storm Relief LandscapingTo all Florida Residents and our neighboring states, our family and employees of Master Gardener Landscaping want to extend our most sincere wishes for your safety. To all Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee County Residents, we want you to know that we have expertise in drainage, flooding and outdoor sinkhole repairs.

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Heavy Landscape Equipment

Heavy landscape EquipmentI have received a lot of input from customers and potential customers about projects requiring heavy equipment. I am an experienced heavy equipment operator with almost 40 years of experience operating a wide variety of equipment. Choosing the right approach to any job is the key to the key to the most efficient execution of the work and a proper end result. We do a lot of this type of work and have encountered a wide variety of different jobs over the past 14 years. What I am hearing is it is hard to find a company that does residential and small commercial land development and preparation. This is the first step to getting your project underway. People don't know whether to hire a tree service, excavation company or a landscaper. Sometimes a combination is needed. Lets take a look at what types of jobs can be encountered and possible solutions. You'll notice the running theme is as the old adage says: “use the right tool for the job every time”. The company you hire should be familiar with all aspects of site preparation and not be afraid of laboring as needed.

Demolition or tear out can involve the following materials and jobs:

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Plant of the Month - Areca Palms

Areca Palm Tree

The Areca Palm is probably the most versatile palm tree there is. This is because it can serve a variety of requirements in the Tampa Bay Area very well and with relatively little maintenance. 

We install Areca Palm Trees typically for screening. We installed or transplanted many dozens of them last year, not including the many we cleaned up or are responsible for in our bed maintenance accounts.

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Just one weapon in “War on Weeds”

Weed Barrier for Florida GardeningI recently watched a TV show on the National Geographic  network that talked about when the Europeans first set foot on this continent, they brought their cattle and horses with them and drove them westward across North America. When they beat down the native grasses with their livestock trails, what came up in its place? Why weeds, of course. So here we are centuries later, still fighting a battle with weeds. 

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War on Weeds: Part 2 “A Roundup of Ideas”

Landscape Design and InstallationThe term weed has a broad, negative connotation that may sometimes cast an unfair shadow over some useful and desirable species. In some native settings, invasive varieties of plants are removed to let the desirable species flourish in their environment. Many homeowners have embraced this approach of weed control. Lets look at five different means of weed control that can be used in different situations.

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Who Is The Master Gardener?

Master Gardener Landscaping, Inc. was founded by St. Petersburg native, Eric Morrison. With over 35 years’ experience in the landscape industry, Eric is dedicated to caring for Florida landscapes the right way.  Read More

Eric Morrison

Long-Term Results

From choosing the right plant for the environment to caring for them once they are in place, Master Gardener Landscaping’s approach to landscaping is ‘long-term results’ oriented.