Project Portfolio

Take a look at past projects completed by Master Gardener Landscaping. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to transform many unappealing landscapes into gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes. 

Smacks Bayou

Cleared the entire planter of weeds and dying plant material. Lively, young plants we planted in their place. Nutrient soil was spread along the area and the rest was mulched in to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

"The entryway to my house has never looked better. The vibrant, lively plants are beautiful to look at as you pass by and a delight to see every morning. Master Gardener Landscaping did a great job making my house look inviting."

Frank R.
St. Petersburg (Smacks Bayou)

Bahama Shores

Transplanted some existing plant material. Raked and deweeded plant beds, removed tree root hazards in pathway and finish grading. Landscape design included the installation of 14 Areca Palms for screening along with dozens of assorted plants. Re-positioned lawn ornaments and installed brown mulch in beds for weed-control and pine-straw for pathway.

Master Gardener Landscaping Before Photo

"Truly the work you did in my yard is lovely. I am overjoyed with the beautiful transformation you and your team effected in my dismal back yard.

Thank you again for your vision and excellent work."

Constance V.
St. Petersburg (Bahama Shores)

Temple Terrace

This beautiful Temple Terrace property has an expansive space for some vegatative décor. Nutritious soil and an arrangement of healthy plants were added to create a stunning view. The landscape has been arranged and manicured to make it really stand out.