St. Petersburg Landscape and Gardening Services

Landscaping and Gardening ServicesMaster Gardener Landscaping is different than most landscape companies in St. Petersburg because our background is based on gardening. Sure we can do the heavy lifting of designing and installing a landscape, but the care for the plants is a priority as we plan, design and install a landscape. From choosing the right plant for the environment to caring for them once they are in place, Master Gardener Landscaping’s approach to landscaping is more ‘long-term results’ oriented.

While anyone can buy a bunch of plants and stick them in the ground, Master Gardener Landscaping takes the time to evaluate the project in detail considering the purpose, soil, sunlight, irrigation and drainage. Combined with your goals and level of interest when it comes to maintenance, Master Gardener Landscaping will design a landscape based on best use of space and resources for your St. Petersburg Home or Business.

We provide a wide range of landscape and gardening services for residential and commercial properties:

Who Is The Master Gardener?

Master Gardener Landscaping, Inc. was founded by St. Petersburg native, Eric Morrison. With over 35 years’ experience in the landscape industry, Eric is dedicated to caring for Florida landscapes the right way.  Read More

Eric Morrison